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Navigating Bartending Services: A Comprehensive Guide to Making an Informed Choice for Your Event

Updated: Apr 11

Organizing an event, particularly a wedding, involves a myriad of decisions, ranging from selecting the ideal venue to choosing a florist and a DJ. Amidst these crucial choices, the decision regarding bartending services holds equal significance. However, the landscape of bartending companies varies, necessitating event organizers to conduct a meticulous and direct comparison to ensure optimal value for their investment.

The term "BAR PACKAGE" might seem straightforward initially, but its interpretation differs among bartending service providers. While some companies offer comprehensive, all-inclusive packages that extend beyond basic bar service – covering bar setups, linens, and essential items like sodas, cups, and garnishes – others present a more limited selection, placing the responsibility on clients to choose and provide additional elements.

It's essential to recognize that a seemingly lower price from one company may not equate to better value. In cases where a provider offers a lower price, apparent cost savings may result from excluding crucial elements included in a more comprehensive package by another companies. This underscores the importance of delving beyond surface pricing and considering the overall value provided by each company.

Opting for a seemingly cheaper option without assessing the inclusivity of services may lead to hidden costs and added responsibilities. To address this, a comprehensive checklist can be a valuable tool. By documenting and comparing the offerings of different bartending services, couples can discern variations in packages, including the range of beverages, the inclusion of bar setups, and the availability of additional items like linens and garnishes. Examples...

They both offer bars, but which bar are you getting in that price?

If they do not provide a bar, do you have to rent that? Renting a bar and decor can be between $200 - $500. That should be considered when looking at pricing. Many count that in the cost of the decor for the rest of the wedding. However, If you have to rent it for one company and the other company it is included in the package price what are you saving going with the cheaper package?

Both offer plastic glassware, but which are you getting?

A cheap clear solo cup? Of course the cheaper package is providing cheaper quality products to keep their costs down. They make more money but you get less quality.

Non-Alcoholic Packages, some you can only select a certain number of mixers and look carefully some say only for Cocktails, which means they are only serving your drinking guests. What about your non-drinking guests? The DD's, your pregnant guests, and the ones that simply do not drink. Yeah, your caterer might be providing water and tea but don't those guests deserve more? Don't they deserve the same expereience your drinks guest get, sans the alcohol? What about a mocktail! If your bartending company is only catering to those that drink, they are not serving all your guests!

Mixers, some you can only select a certain number of mixers to include. So the FULL bar really isnt a full bar. Also, Look carefully and ask, are they are using fresh or store bought mixers? The cheaper companies tend to us Dailey's and Finest Call. Those mixers are full of sugar and preservatives you can not pronounce. The other company that is a little higher might be providing all FRESH and in-house made mixers. If you have ever had a cocktail with a fresh made mixer vs store bought, the difference is night and day! This will add to your guests experience and enjoyment! Also less sugar helps lessen the hangover the next day!

Did you know some companies charge for moves between cocktail hour and dinner. Some do not take their trash or that is an add on service, you have to pay for.

Recognizing the potential challenges and additional efforts involved when choosing a bartending service without a comprehensive list is crucial. To assist in making an informed decision, we've crafted a user-friendly comparison sheet. This tool enables you to directly compare the elements included in different packages, facilitating a decision aligned with both your budget and the convenience sought for your event.

In conclusion, just as you meticulously evaluate other aspects of your event, a thorough assessment of bartending services is equally essential. By understanding the nuances of offerings from each company and utilizing a comparison sheet, you can confidently select a bartending service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

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