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Cigar Bar

Our Cigar Bar will add a touch of Class and Sophistication to your evening.

  • What is your Alcohol Concierge package?
    With over 7 years of experience and a wealth of data from past events, we've honed our process to ensure your peace of mind and a flawless experience. We begin by closely collaborating with you to determine the perfect quantity and variety of alcohol for your event, taking into account guest count, your preferences for offerings, and specific brand preferences. Once all details are confirmed, we take care of everything from placing orders with stores to managing payments on your behalf, ensuring no additional costs are incurred. Our dedicated team then personally oversees the pickup of your order from the stores, meticulously double-checking every detail for accuracy. On the day of your wedding or event, we deliver the order directly to your venue, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the special moments until cocktail hour. As the event concludes, our team returns to collect any unopened and undamaged alcohol, facilitating refunds back to the stores on your behalf. This unique service not only guarantees a memorable event but also empowers you to optimize your budget by recouping costs on any unused items. Our Alcohol Concierge package starts at $1050, ensuring exceptional service and value for your event.
  • What does an average alcohol order cost?
    In 2023, the average guest count for weddings was approximately 136 guests. For events falling within the range of 130-145 guests and including 5 hours of bar service with a Full Bar (offering beer, wine, and mixed drinks), Toast, and Signature Cocktails, the average expenditure was approximately $2,840, with the highest expenditure recorded at $3,965. However, please note that these figures may vary based on your specific brand preferences and the actual consumption of your guests.
  • Can we return unused alcohol?
    Absolutely, we're here to assist you with returns! This service is a significant part of what we offer and provides a huge benefit to couples. While you could keep the alcohol for a future party or give it away as gifts, getting a refund and putting those dollars back in your pocket can be a much bigger help. Let us handle the returns process for you hassle-free!
  • Are there limits on the alcohol we can order?
    There are virtually no limits! As long as the alcohol is available at PLCB Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores, local Pennsylvania distilleries, craft breweries, or beer distributors, you are only constrained by your preferences and budget. Whether you desire a wide variety of options or have specific preferences, we're here to accommodate your needs. We strictly adhere to Pennsylvania state laws, which prohibit the transportation of alcohol across state lines. Therefore, we are unable to fulfill requests that involve crossing state boundaries with alcohol. Compliance with local regulations is paramount to our operations.
  • Why can't my caterer or bartending company include alcohol in the cost of bartending packages?
    In the State of Pennsylvania, a liquor license is required to sell alcohol. Unfortunately, there is no provision for a mobile liquor license, which means caterers and mobile bartending companies are unable to provide alcohol as part of their packages. This means you, as the host, are responsible for providing the alcohol.
  • If other caterers and mobile bartending companies can't provide this service, how can you?
    Our distinctive advantage stems from a relentless four-year effort in engaging with our local Senator and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB). Through persistent advocacy, we've successfully worked to create a tailored program aimed at streamlining every aspect of the alcohol procurement process for clients. From initial order placement and assisting you making purchases with stores to seamless pickup and returns, we handle it all on your behalf. This persistent pursuit sets us apart, enabling us to offer a service unmatched by any other entity in Pennsylvania at this time.
  • Do you Travel?
    Yes we do. There is a party somewhere and we go everywhere! Outside a 20mile radius of our offices in East Petersburg, PA there is a travel fee that will be added to your final proposal.

- Sasha L married on 10/25/23


We used The Traveling Tap for their cigar bar services for our wedding and if you're looking for a unique feature to add to your wedding night,
this is it!

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