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Believe us when we say that creating your own mixers at home consistently outshines the quality of commercially available options! The flavors are genuinely authentic, and you'll enjoy a noticeable reduction in sugar and artificial additives. Why not cultivate this skill through our Mixology classes?

Each month, we offer a series of four classes, commencing with Mixology 101 to ensure you grasp the fundamentals. Progress to our Advanced classes, where you'll explore the art of crafting your own syrups, bitters, shrubs, and tinctures. While the overall structure remains constant, each class spotlights a specific mixer. Attend once or return monthly; either way, you're bound to uncover something new each time!

Our classes are mix-and-match friendly! You're not obliged to take all classes in a given month. Additionally, if you already possess a basic knowledge of bartending, feel free to bypass the 101 class.

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