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About Us

The inspiration for The Traveling Tap can be traced back to a moment Tim experienced during his Navy days in Norfolk. At a beach event, he witnessed an extraordinary trailer that unfolded into a mobile bar equipped with a refrigerated tap system and dance floor, leaving an enduring impact.

Fast forward a decade or two, and the paths of Tim and Amber intersect. While attending outdoor events, concerts, and weddings, the sight of jockey boxes and hand pumps triggered a discomfort in Tim. He recognized that these devices failed to maintain the correct temperature, resulting in warm beer, excessive waste, and long lines. These events were upscale, not casual gatherings where a jockey box or hand pump sufficed. Tim knew there had to be a superior solution.

Consistently, Tim passionately articulated these issues and championed a better approach, continually recounting the Norfolk trailer story. In her direct manner, Amber issued a challenge: either take action ... or zip it.

This challenge marked the inception of The Traveling Tap.


CEO / Sales Manager

Amber has 15 years’ experience in event production and coordination.

Amber lived in New York City for 11 years and worked as a stage and production management during her time there for various Off Broadway theatre companies. She was also the technical director at Theatre Row and a Managing Director at ManhattanTheatre Source. In between shows she would bartended and work as a paralegal.

Upon returning to Lancaster she took a job at the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Sales at RRD and coordinated all their trade shows and vendor events for 5 years.

Amber also has a Bachlor’s of Science in Paralegal Studies.


​COO / Bar Manager

Tim has over 15 years restaurant and bar management experience.


Tim started bartending while in the Navy and has worked at many places over the years, but his favorite ones would have to be Reggie's Pub in Norfolk and if you are old enough to remember The Grandstand here in Lancaster.

Over the last 10years, beside running The Traveling Tap, he has taken over his fathers business and has been installing and maintaining beer and refrigeration systems at restaurant and breweries all over Lancaster County.


Tim & Amber have been together for 10 Years and Married for 7.  They have a Boxer Mix Harley Quinn and a Cat named Goose!

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