The Traveling Tap started out with an idea Tim saw back when he was in the Navy station in Norfolk.  He was at a beach event and saw a large mobile bar.  It folded out and even had with a working tap system.  Over the years he had not seen anything like it since. 


At each outdoor event,  concert and wedding he attended when he saw jockey boxes and hand pumps, and thought there had to be a better way.  As a restaurant manager and a beer tech, all he saw was the wasted money being poured out in parking lots and in the yards of outdoor events.  As a guest he knew that beer was warm and flat.  So the idea he saw years ago came back to mind and The Traveling Tap was born. 


We started with our 12 tap trailer for large events and our 4 tap carts, perfect for weddings and events.


Then, seeing so many BYOB event venues that were  all over Central Pennsylvania, we next saw the need for professional, trained and experienced bartending services for weddings and corporate events.  So we added bartending services to our offerings.


CEO / Sales & Event Coordinator

Amber has 15 years’ experience in event production and coordination.  10 years in stage and production management for various theatre companies in New York and 5 years as a conference coordinator at a corporate level.  


COO / Bar & Catering Manager

Tim has over 15 years restaurant and bar management experience and has been installing and maintaining beer and refrigeration systems all over Lancaster County for over 10 years. 


Tim is proud veteran of the US Navy.   GO NAVY!

The office mascot is their 9yr old Boxer named Penny!