We bring private parties, vendors and fundraising/event coordinators not only a turnkey product to cater various settings, but exceptional customer service to ensure that before, during and after your event, there is one less item on your list to worry about.

Jockey Boxes, hand pumps and kegs sitting in buckets of ice make your event look like a Frat Party! 

That is not the tone you want to set for your clients or customers, you need a more professional look!

*Our draft carts are clean, sleek and professional.  

*Our carts are refrigerated to keep the beer at the ideal storage and serving temperature, which is 38degs*.

*Each tap is individually regulated so you can serve a light beer on one tap and a nitro beer on the next one. 

* All our taps are 304 Stainless Steel.

*Each cart has a catch basin under the cart/trailer for any run off from the taps so there is no damage to the floor it is on.

*Each cart comes with TV monitors which we prepare with descriptions of the beer on tap for your guests.   

We provide customers a complete package of services without the headaches of calling multiple providers to get a substandard result.




Starting at $499 up to $999 per day

Includes: Free delivery within a 30 miles radius of Lancaster, Set up, Co2/Nitro and tear down. 

Check out our Trailer!

Setting up your own beer order with a local distributor?

We can even pick up the beer for you on the way to your event!  

Need help finding a Distributor to use?  We can help you with that as well.  We have relationships with several different distributors in the Central PA area.

The Traveling Tap           717-435-7360  

2060 Miller Road, East Petersburg, PA 17520 (By Appt. Only)

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