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Planning a bar can be daunting!  How much do you get, WHAT do you get!?  How do you get it to your venue!

Join us for our monthly bar planning event where we will not only discuss the above questions,

but participate in a Signature Cocktail Development session, where we will explore various Signature Cocktails. 

Each couple picks a "Hers" and "His" cocktail and we will discuss presentation, complexities of the drinks and their impact on the speed and efficiency of your bar. We will also go over some planning secrets and tips to watch out for as you start your planning process for the big day!

Each month we will have a different guest vendor attending to speak to our guests... 

so you might be able to mark off more than 1 task off your to-do list by the end of the night!

Hors d'oeuvre and drinks will be provided. 

Each couple will receive a tote with additional vendor information and a little thank you gift!


$30 per couple (Bride and Groom Only)

(If you book with us we will take the $30 off the cost of your service package)

Registration is limited to 5 couples per event!  So book your spot now!

We do also offer private group tasting as well.  That way you can invite up to 6 guests to attend. 

Contact to book your private tasting.

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